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How to trace a phone number: The ultimate guide

Have you ever received a call or phone number that you wish you could track? It's possible. Especially in a world full of unwanted spam calls and unknown numbers - technology puts the power back in your hands to see exactly where the call is coming from, who it's coming from, and then take appropriate action based on your reasons, whether it's for business or personal life. Learn how to track a phone number with these simple tricks. Find out more at: https://inlookup.com

How to track phone number locations?

For real-time results, IMEI and GPS call trackers can be used to track the location of a phone call. Apps like GPS Phone & Locate Any Phone are great for tracking mobile phones, even when the phone is not connected to the internet. You can know the GPS coordinates of a phone number within seconds. You can also track phone numbers via SMS or WhatsApp messages through these apps, and there is no reason to call someone and embarrass them, making them feel "tracked".

These apps are made for following people you know. The great thing about them is the peace of my mind you experience at knowing where your friends and family are!


If you are trying to track a phone number outside of your social network, you can also simply use an online service such as Free Cell Phone Lookups by entering the phone number you want to track online and then determining the location of the phone owner. Becoming a member of the service allows you to get a more detailed report on the cell phone's whereabouts.

An important thing to note in the US is that the service you use to track phone numbers connects directly to the SS7 network for real-time tracking. The SS7 network is a database of phone numbers with associated personal information, so every query that your phone number tracking service sends to the SS7 network will produce details stored against the number.

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So if you are worried about the location of your family members, want to know the location of your employees, find a lost phone, or want to track a suspicious call, phone number tracking is as real as they show in the movies!


Phone number tracking not only stops at GPS coordinates, you can track a person's name with CNAM lookup. You will know the name of the caller through their phone number. It is highly recommended that the service you use does not cache the data! Many local phone numbers in the US register with the CNAM database, so it is important to track phone numbers in real time as opposed to using cached data.

CNAM lookups can also help you check the spam score of the phone number you are tracking. If the phone number has any spam history associated with it, the service will display the number as "spam" on the phone. This is very useful to avoid wasting time on unnecessary calls that can disrupt your daily routine!

If the CNAM service you are using is also able to identify 1300 & 1800 numbers in the US, you are on the right track! It's important to broaden the scope of all the phone numbers your service identifies, so your phone tracking is as comprehensive as possible.


It is also possible to find Facebook accounts with phone numbers if a person's account is connected to their phone number. All you have to do is type the number in the search bar, and all related messages and profiles will appear in the search results.

As you can see, the search results show up wherever the number appeared on Facebook. This can be very useful to know exactly who called you and why, and protect yourself from any kind of scam or spam calls. For more information about searching for phone numbers on Facebook, check out this community response.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can gain insight into a person's profile through their phone number, their interests, their location, their hobbies and their social network. If action is required, it empowers you to get more information.


Whether you are trying to track your own lost phone, or you are a spy wanting more information on a hiding criminal, there are many options to track phone numbers. Services built into iOS and Android devices allow you to do many things while tracking your own phone, like play audio, send messages, or simply lock your phone. Other apps allow you to track the phone numbers you receive calls from and give you information about the location, name and type of phone number you received the call from. Tracking phone numbers is really quite simple! More at: https://inlookup.com



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